Best Conference Call Services to use in 2022

Best Conference Call Services to use in 2022

The top conference call providers enable fast and quick call connect , video conferencing, group cooperation, fluctuation free conversation and even webinars with 100 participants.

You’ll discover a perfect solution below, no matter your financial situation or team size. The top conference call services, both non premium and premium, are thoroughly reviewed in this guide

1. Nextiva

Choose Nextiva, one of the most dependable networks available, if you can’t take a chance with the audio quality of your conference calls.

They provide a full range of business communication tools at a reasonable cost.

You may participate in limitless HD voice and video conferences for less than $30 per month. I like it because you receive a full business phone system, including voicemail to email, a mobile app, and call routing capabilities.

You will value the sturdiness and dependability of using Nextiva’s network, even if you only use it for conference calls. Particularly if your team collaborates on projects over conference calls or if you use them to market your goods to potential clients.

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The name Nextiva is well-known in this industry. Technology that matches that cachet also comes with it.

You won’t ever experience significant latency with eight points of presence (POPs), as VoIP calls are linked to the POP that is closest to you and the other person on the connection.

Additionally, Nextiva’s infrastructure is carrier grade, which means that its data centres are designed to withstand periods of high demand and are rated for high availability.

Their staff is available around-the-clock and goes above and beyond to help you with urgent issues or maximise the use of your VoIP system. To guarantee even higher conference call quality, they can even advise you through additional measures to take with your own IT stack.

2. GoToMeeting

For simple, high-quality conference call options for small businesses, turn to GoToMeeting.

It makes no difference if you work from home or have a huge 12-person boardroom. With all the screens and audio equipment you require for your company, you may set up a video and phone conferencing solution. It is therefore ideal for groups of any size.

The element that makes it stand out from the competition is the automated meeting transcription. Transcripts of recordings are created by GoToMeeting so you can search them later. It only takes a few seconds to check who called or what they said if someone misses a call.

GoToMeeting does not provide a free basic plan, in contrast to some of the other premium conference call services available on the market. With a 14-day trial, you can still test it out for free.

Conference calls with up to 150 and 250 participants each can be held using the Professional and Business subscriptions, respectively. The Enterprise plan may accommodate up to 3,000 users.

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3. ClickMeeting

Compared to the other products on our list, ClickMeeting is a little unique. This is due to the fact that it is a webinar service that also offers you a fantastic method for holding conference calls.

If you frequently host web events, it might not seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually rather beneficial. With webinars, you’ll have a lead generating machine in addition to a way to communicate and work together with your team.

Their collaboration software is excellent for distributed teams and businesses. It should therefore be noticeable to any remote workers out there.

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It’s the ideal method to ensure that your team leaves with practical knowledge and to make onboarding and training new employees simple.

Due to the fact that it is also a webinar tool, it has more capabilities aimed at sharing insights. So, you might want to seek elsewhere if you’re searching for a pure conference call tool.

However, if you’re searching for a quality conference call solution that is versatile and adaptable to your needs, this is still a fantastic tool.

This service is for you if you require a fully customisable webinar and collaboration tool in addition to anything that goes beyond conference calling.

4. RingCentral – Conference Call Reliable Provider

All paid phone plans offered by RingCentral, excluding their most affordable ones, feature video conferencing. That’s perfect for any home-based business.

Although there is free video conferencing software available, businesses want a secure connection. RingCentral offers limitless voice conferencing as well as free video conferencing for up to 100 individuals.

All of this requires nothing more than an Internet connection since they are a VoIP phone service. From the RingCentral app on your phone or the web app on your computer, start conference calls.

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With other options on this list, the free plan holds its own well. You are limited to 40 minutes per meeting, but you can still invite up to 100 people. That’s fantastic for tenacious startups.

If you upgrade to one of their many paid plans, which start at just $19.99/month, you may easily add-on larger meeting possibilities to your plan.

Almost every calling, teamwork, and mobile capability a business may want in a phone system is provided by the system. There is no equipment to set up because everything is hosted in the cloud, and they handle all maintenance and upgrades.

RingCentral offers robust enterprise solutions as well, and by combining RingCentral Meetings with a VoIP business phone service, you can save some money.

5. GoogleMeet

A relatively new phone and video conferencing tool called Google Meet provides the kind of dependable, first-rate service you would anticipate from a Google product.

Google Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat may be familiar to you. These were previously two distinct services, however Google Meet has changed their name.

Anyone with a Gmail account should use it because it’s free and an excellent alternative (which is basically everyone).

It integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account and contacts by connecting automatically. It also integrates with Google Calendar, making it simple to plan meetings with other users.

Simply use your browser, a Chrome extension, or a mobile app to set up a conference call.

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Sending the Google Meet link to anyone you wish to attend the call is all that is required once it has been set up.

This service is typically used for one-on-one conversations, but it is a practical choice for brief conference sessions with up to 25 participants. You may easily share your screen with others using Google Hangouts, which also supports video conference calls.
Google Meet is basic, quick to use, and uncomplicated, but it does have a few flaws that you should be aware of.

To begin with, if you use it for free, there is no customer assistance. You must thus search through user forums if you have a problem or question.

6. Cisco Webex – Conference Call Best Solution

A Cisco product made using cutting-edge technology is called Webex. The security and privacy measures are excellent, and so are the video and audio quality. The HIPAA compliance of the Basic Webex Suite. Although HIPAA compliance is not always free, choosing Cisco has its advantages.

The Basic Webex Suite has a rich feature set for scheduling, team messaging, and in-conference communication and is free for up to 100 people. Be advised that the free plan does have a generous call cap of 50 minutes.

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Meeting recordings, interactive whiteboarding, and a few useful administrative capabilities for bigger firms are all included in premium plans. You can communicate with clients and stakeholders using a variety of third-party applications and technologies thanks to access restrictions and connectors.

Webex Assistant is an AI-powered digital assistant that takes notes, reminds team members of important tasks, and even provides translations and real-time transcriptions for meetings.

This is excellent for teams that include members who speak different languages, have hearing impairments, or want precise meeting minutes.

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