Bo Jackson contributed to funeral costs in Uvalde 2

Bo Jackson contributed to funeral costs in Uvalde 2

According to a statement from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, former sports star Bo Jackson paid for all funeral costs for the families of the victims of Uvalde school “so that they would have one less thing to worry about as they grieved.”

Bo Jackson travelled to Uvalde, where he gave Abbott a check for $170,000 to cover the costs, according to Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, who spoke to CNN.

Bo Jackson revealed as anonymous donors –

Dallas, Texas Bo Jackson, a former professional athlete and outfielder for the Chicago White , revealed himself as one of the previously anonymous donors who helped cover costs for families following one of the deadliest classroom in American history by contributing to the funerals of the 19 children and two teachers killed in the Uvalde school.

Bo Jackson

One of the greatest and most marketable players of the 1980s and 1990s thanks to his remarkable success in both the NFL and Major League Baseball, Jackson told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he felt obliged to help the victims’ families following the death of so many youngsters.

Bo Jackson claimed to have special bonds –

As he gets closer to 60, Bo Jackson, a father of three and grandfather, said, “I don’t know if it’s because I’m growing old. Simply put, parents shouldn’t bury their children. Simply put, it’s wrong.

“I’m sure every family there toils day in and day out to do what they do. They didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on something that should have never occurred.

Bo Jackson claimed to have a special bond with the city he frequently drives through. Before making the lengthy drive further west to visit a friend’s property on hunting expeditions, Uvalde has been a common stop for a bite to eat or groceries.

Bo Jackson

Jackson took a flight to Uvalde three days later –

When the news of the Robb Elementary incident broke on May 24, his acquaintance with the atmosphere of Uvalde’s Main Street, leafy town centre, and the individuals he had met on those stops pierced his heart. A Texas House investigation report also placed blame on the school district, alleging that a lax safety culture, a spotty alert system, and unlocked doors also played a role in the incident.

Jackson and a close friend took a flight to Uvalde three days later, where they saw the governor for a brief period of time and gave him a cheque for $170,000 with an offer to cover all funeral costs.

During a news conference on May 27 about the assistance the state was providing victims, Abbott disclosed it as an anonymous donation.

He declared, “We didn’t want the journalists. Nobody was aware of our presence.

Even though Bo Jackson claimed he hadn’t kept it a secret, until this week he hadn’t revealed to the public what had prompted him to travel to Uvalde and make the donation.

“The town of Uvalde stays in your memory. Just the name,” remarked Jackson. I know nobody who lives there. It simply moved me.

Bo Jackson

Jackson declined to reveal the identity –

Jackson declined to reveal the identity of his companion, who also made a donation.

Since then, more initiatives have raised millions of dollars to help families, and nearby funeral establishments have announced they won’t charge families for their services. Bo Jackson donation, though, gave the bereaved families some early hope.
Jackson’s funds were “immediately diverted to cover burial expenditures,” according to Abbott’s office, through OneStar, a charity founded to promote volunteerism and community service in Texas, including the Uvalde relief operations.

Bo paid for all funeral costs –

According to Abbott, “the fundamental spirit of our country is Americans helping one another out in times of need and adversity.” Bo paid for all funeral costs for the victims’ families in a really noble deed so they wouldn’t have to worry about it while they were grieving.

While declining to clarify whether he has had direct touch with any of the families, Bo Jackson claimed to have watched news coverage of the funerals.

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