Dodge Hornet (2023) with GLH Performance

Dodge Hornet (2023) with GLH Performance

Dodge Hornet is emphasising the sporty aspect of the new 2023 Hornet and has announced the availability of a GLH package. This package includes several performance upgrades for the SUV. This name, which stands for “Goes Like Hell,” is a nod to the 1980s Omni GLH hot hatchback. Dodge’s Direct Connection parts programme will sell the dealer-installed upgrades. The Hornet GLH concept shown here is meant to show what’s possible when all the bells and whistles are added.

On Tuesday night, Dodge unveiled the Hornet as part of its Speed Week celebrations in Michigan. The Alfa Romeo Tonale-based compact crossover is the brand’s “gateway muscle,” which would seem more of a stretch. If we weren’t in the midst of an industry-wide purge of coupes and sedans.

Dodge Hornet

The GLH add-ons are available for the Hornet GT, which has a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four. And a suspension kit that lowers the SUV by more than an inch, an upgraded exhaust. It has 20-inch wheels, and numerous stripes and GLH logos. Dodge hasn’t said how much more horsepower the exhaust setup will add. But expect it to be slightly more than the standard car’s 265 hp.

We also don’t know how much these extras will cost, but Dodge says the GLH upgrades will be “stackable,” which means you’ll be able to add one, some, or all of them to your Hornet. If you want everything, we’d guess there will be an all-in price for the GLH package. If you have the Direct Connection parts install by a designate dealership, known as a “Power Broker,” they will be cover under the vehicle’s warranty. Direct Connection will eventually offer performance parts for the more powerful Hornet R/T plug-in-hybrid model. But we don’t have any details on those just yet.

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