Magnus Carlsen World’s Chess Champion Give Up

Magnus Carlsen World’s Chess Champion Give Up

Magnus Carlsen, a five-time global chess champion, has announced he will not defend his title. Magnus Carlsen, the top-ranked chess player in the world since 2011, declared on Wednesday that he will not be defending his crown.
The five-time world champion stated on his podcast, The Magnus Effect, that “the conclusion is quite straightforward that I am not inspired to play another match.” Every two years, the championship matches take place, and the following one is set for 2023.

Magnus Carlsen said “I don’t like it” –

Carlsen continued, “I simply believe that I don’t have anything to gain.” “I don’t really like it, and although I’m sure a match would be intriguing for historical reasons. And all of that, I don’t have any inclinations to play and I will just not play the match,” the player said.

The last time Carlsen, a 31-year-old native of Norway, won the title was in 2021. The Candidates Tournament, which ended on July 5 in Madrid, was won by Ian Nepomniachtchi. Every two years, that competition determines who will compete for the global championship against the current champion.

Magnus Carlsen

Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi –

Magnus Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi, whom he defeated in the 2021 world championship, were anticipated to square off again in 2023. Carlsen said that he met with FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich . Also the FIDE Director General Emil Sutovsky to inform them that he would be unable to defend his title.

“But ultimately the conclusion stands, one that I’m very comfortable with, one that I thought a lot about for a long time now. I would say more than a year perhaps a year and a half almost,” Magnus Carlsen said of the pair’s proposals.

According to FIDE, Magnus Carlsen has not formally quit the championship contest –

In a statement released on Wednesday, Dvorkovich said that Magnus Carlsen “deserves nothing . But respect from FIDE, and from the entire chess world, in whatever decision he makes about his career.” “Only a select few individuals in history can comprehend and evaluate the huge toll that playing five matches for the title takes.”

Magnus Carlsen

Carlsen stated that he only ever set out to win one world championship –

He lacked motivation during the 2016 World Championship match, which was for his third World Championship, and he did so primarily due to expectations from other people. According chess Magnus Carlsen, the fourth and fifth championships had no significance for him.

It wasn’t anything, he declared. “I was pleased with the work I had accomplished. Although I was relieved I didn’t lose the game, that was it.”

Magnus Carlsen declared that he is not giving up chess and that he is still appreciative of the opportunity that the world matches have given him.

He will still compete in this year’s Grand Chess Tour events in Miami, St. Louis, India, and Croatia as well as the Chess Olympiad in India.

“I wouldn’t especially count on it either, but I don’t rule out a return [to the world championship in the future,” he said.

Magnus Carlsen

In the era of superhuman chess –

He is the first chess world champion to have grown up in the era of superhuman chess computers. Once referred to one of such programmes as his “idol” for its daring play. Magnus Carlsen has appeared in modelling advertisements. And as a topic for documentaries, making him the closest thing to a superstar in the game of chess.

A €2 million prize pool –

Although there are no established dates or specifics, the following global chess championship is anticipated to begin early in the following year. A €2 million prize pool was available for the 2021 world championship, with 60% going to the victor.

Nepomniachtchi was badly lost to Carlsen in 2021 –

A Candidates Tournament, which took place this month in Madrid and chose the contender for the chess title. The world championship match will be played without Magnus Carlsen. And the winner and runner-up will be world number two Ding Liren of China and world number three Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia.

Magnus Carlsen

Carlsen has been pursuing other hobbies during the past few weeks. He took paddle tennis lessons, participated in the World Series in Las Vegas, and watched the NBA summer league. But he promised the crowd that he would still give it his all.

To clear up any confusion, Magnus Carlsen stated, “I’m not retiring from chess; I’ll continue be an active player. (For More Info Join Our Group)

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