$1.34 billion Mega Millions jackpot unclaimed ?

$1.34 billion Mega Millions jackpot unclaimed ?

If the winner of the 1.34 billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot from late July wants to collect their winnings in one lump sum, time is running out.

In Illinois Mega Millions Jackpot winners, where the winning ticket was purchased. And have one year to claim their prize if they prefer to receive it as a 30-year annuity. However, the Illinois Lottery states that if they would rather take the prize as an upfront, smaller lump sum, they only have 60 days to do so.

This specify that the prize will default to the annuity option. If the jackpot winner doesn’t claim it by September 27, which is 60 days after the July 29 drawing.

Mega Millions Jackpot

According to Susan Bradley, a certified financial planner. And the head of the Sudden Money Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. “They have a choice that will be made for them if they don’t make it.”
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Meghan Powers said on this Mega Millions Jackpot –

More than $10,000 in climate incentives may be available to you. A ticket purchased in Des Plaines, Illinois, won the $1.34 billion Mega Millions jackpot. This is the second-largest prize in the game’s history.
According to Meghan Powers, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Lottery, the jackpot was still unclaim as of Thursday.

For a prize of this size, it’s normal for the winner to wait a little. While before claiming it because they might want to get professional legal and financial advice first, according to Powers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, whether the prize is receive as a lump sum or an annuity. And Bradley said it is best to weigh them with the aid of a team of experts.

Experts in financial fields like taxes, wealth advice, investments, trusts, and philanthropy may be on that team.

In a perfect world, this winner would already have established a brain trust, Bradley said.

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