Apple is set to launch iphone 14 this Year 

Iphone 14 will be launched in 4 Models

Iphone 14 will come in 6.7 Inches Display

There will be shortage of Iphone 14 when it launch

Analyst Ross Young Said about Shortage of Iphone 14 on Twitter

For Apply Fans,this news is difficult to digest

Ross also said that shipment of  display panels is not in the way that it should be  of new models 

Customers will face difficulty to get Iphone 14 in initials days of launch

Iphone 14 Max is the most awaited phone of this Year

Iphone 14 Max will launch with a lot of unbelievable features so fan's expectation is high

Iphone 14 & Iphone 14 Max will attract more customers as they will be the most affordable 6.7 inches Iphone

Iphone 14 series likely to be announced in September this year

Apple usually announces new series in September as it is starting of busy holiday shopping season in US