Ex- Southwest Flight
 attendant awarded with  unbelievable amount !

Flight Attendant got this huge amount in bias row

Flight Attendant Charlene was fired by southwest airlines

Carter was fired over her stance over abortion

Charlene was fired as she clashed with union president over its attendance at Women's March in Washington 2017

 Charlene Joined union in 1996 and left in 2013 after finding that her religious views are not matching with union

 Charlene publicized this happening over the social media

 Charlene also made some corruption allegation over Audrey Stone afetr 4 years of her resign from Union

Jury also finded that Local 556 failed to accomodate Charlene's religious beliefs

 The Jury ordered Local 556 & Southwest Airlines Co. to pay compensation to Charlene

 Carter said it is a win of   religious beliefs & freedom of speech