An executive order preserving access to abortion was signed by President Biden on Friday.

Democrats are putting more pressure on Biden to speak out more strongly on this issue.

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court abolished a constitutional right to the procedure.

The president criticised the court's ruling and asked people to support candidates who support abortion rights this November.

The majority stated that the Constitution did not play a role in this decision.

The president explained Friday's moves in an effort to lessen some potential consequence to ladies who want an abortion

The executive order specifically requests that the Justice Department take all reasonable steps to protect women seeking abortions.

The order instructs the Department of Health and Human Services to guarantee that all girls and women who have loss during pregnancy receive the emergency care they require.

The executive order also instructs organisations to work on educating healthcare professionals and insurers.

Biden has emphasised that without congressional action, his capacity to defend abortion rights through executive action is restricted.