Dick Vitale, a legendary college basketball broadcaster, was recognised last night 

Vitale accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award  in Los Angeles 

In honour of his close friend, the late Jim Valvano, who passed away, Vitale accepted the award

Dick missed entire session due to problem with his vocal chords while receiving treatment for cancer 

At the ESPYs on July 20, Vitale will receive the award named for Valvano

At 83, Dick Vitale is visibly moved as he reflects on the life he has led 

After succeeding as a collegiate coach and being sacked by the Detroit Pistons, he called his first game for the network ESPN. 

Dick Vitale won over a lot of fans and coaches 

Additionally, "Dickie V" doesn't discuss how other analysts have inherited Vitale's bombastic approach 

Even while copying is a flattering tactic, it also contributes to his legacy