The rats will be forced by these DIY solutions to choke and flee.

These rats won't even attempt to return to the house once they leave.

Rats enter the home and remain there like unauthorised visitors. These rats ruin food in the house and steal it, among other things.

Onions are harmful to mice, they are bothered by the smell of them.

Onions can be peeled and kept in an area where rats gather.

Rats and insects have traditionally been repelled by red chilles.

You can scatter chilly flax or chilly powder where the rats are coming from.

Rats can also be repelled by the use of clove or clove oil. Place the clove buds in various locations after wrapping them in a muslin towel.

The scent of peppermint is completely intolerable to mice. Leave a cotton ball with peppermint oil on it at the rat's place.